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In the wake of 20 Century, equality, free access to primary health care, and respect for basic human rights were foreign concepts in Pakistan. It is then “Dopasi Organization for Sustainable Development” a non-governmental organization that was established in 1993 now known as Dopasi Foundation. Dopasi Foundation was built with an aspiration: to aid social justice and service the needs to bring about sustainable improvement in the life of the marginalizedand/or underprivileged people in Pakistan.

Until 2015, Dopasi was primarily operating in Balochistan before it went dormant. Conversely, in 2015 the foundation expanded its area of operation from one province to the whole country with a resolve to relieve the communities denied of their fundamental human rights and services across Pakistan. We in Dopasi Foundation deem ourselves as a medium to set forth the admissiblegrievances of underserved communities to those in power. Our métier is the development of feasible action plans and advocacy at the highest level in Pakistan.


Dopasi Foundation is a donor-friendly organization that partners with those organizations that share its vision and provide sufficient room to network. We have worked with local to foreign donors, global support agencies,and multilateral development institutes. 

We keep people pf our community at the heart of all our strategies from projects planning, to rollout. The focus of our interventions is to ensure sustainability resulting in manifold enhanced outcomes. Dopasi has been working on health and its determinants nationwide, where Tuberculosis has been a big area of work for the past couple of years. The pluralistic and multi-case orientation of the Foundation enables it to work intensively in diverse fields and across all social sectors.

Dopasi Foundation is a team of seasoned health professionals with extensive experience in the development sector. Our governance system is based on a board of directors and an advisory board, whose expertise helps us in devising methodical plans ensuring enhanced outcomes and sustainability for longer. We have a nationwide pool of volunteers and strong liaising with CBOs. 

Dopasi Foundation has a strong financial management system that is fully automated to comply with the requirements of every donor and an auditing mechanism that is done internally and externally as well. 


To contribute towards the development of a liberal, logical, enlightened and prosperous society where there is no discrimination or exploitation.


Empowering people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease and social injustice 







All the Foundations of the world are either governed by one or a couple of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as their universal call to action. SDGs are a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

Dopasi Foundation too strives to sustainably improve the lives of underprivileged and marginalized sections of the population, in line with the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.


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